Maranello is well-known for producing world famous sport cars, but also for great cousine and enchanting territory.
Maranello communicates the Italian manufacturing excellence and style, emotion and technology. Red means passion, fire and energy, speed, strength, sensuality and style.
«Maranello made in red» is a registered trademark – is the official and original brand of the City of Maranello; Stilema has the licence to produce and sell under the «Maranello made in red» brand.

Love Theraphy

Elio Fiorucci has tried through Love Therapy to convey his essential values by choosing models, colours, materials and shapes inspiring a positive outlook on life.
Love Therapy is a way of life free from the fashion patterns, capable to amaze and live freely. A shelter from too busy streets and days.
It is therefore a sweet brand, revolutionary and transverse, ranging from tender and romantic tones to an unexpected bold look, somehow rebellious and unconventional.
The Love Therapy brand is the symbol of a positive way of life, a metaphor and a tool for the comprehension of contemporary society, in need of love, cares, reassuring but at the same time amusing clothes and objects, looking for a consumer ethics.

Porta Romana

Architecture, art and fashion make up the unique outline of Italy, the Bel Paese. Porta Romana comes as a further contribution of the Italian design and manufactor. Italian style at its best!Porta Romana was the neightborhood in Milan where most of the Italian leather goods where produced during the 18th century.
Porta Romana can be a classy design collection characterized by stylish and important details, or collection studied expecially for Supermarket consumers target.