Men's backpacks: the trends of 2024

Nowadays, the backpack is not only a symbol of versatility, but it has evolved to meet modern needs. Elegant and functional models become the ideal choice for the working environment or for a casual chic look.

The popularity of backpacks goes far beyond fashion, as practicality and efficiency play a fundamental role. The ability to move freely without occupying your hands not only improves ergonomics and convenience in transporting essential objects, but also allows you to adapt to the varied mobility typical of urban life, from private to public and shared vehicles.

Trends of the 2024 Season:

  1. Minimalist backpacks: clean lines and neutral colors for a versatile and sophisticated look In 2024, the minimalist trend evolves with even cleaner lines and neutral shades that adapt to every occasion. Functionality combines with aesthetics, offering an elegant and contemporary style for those looking for a timeless accessory.

  2. Sustainable and waterproof materials: practicality and resistance for those looking for long-lasting solutions
    In 2024, sustainability is at the center of technical and waterproof material choices. Environmental awareness merges with practicality, offering resistant and low environmental impact solutions. The high quality materials guarantee durability over time without compromising style.

  3. Pastel and neutral colours: accessory suitable for all outfits, without losing personality
    Pastel and neutral colors remain a timeless choice in 2024. However, the trend is enriched with sophisticated nuances, adding depth and versatility to accessories. Whether you opt for muted shades or bold neutrals, these colors complement every outfit perfectly, providing an effortless pop of personality.

Pastel and neutral colors are the colors of 2024

Exploring the Stilema Collection:

As we examine 2024 trends in the world of accessories, let's dive into Stilema's signature offerings.

The Stilema collection embodies the essence of current fashion evolutions, offering a unique interpretation of each emerging trend through its backpacks.

Urban backpack: Stilema's iconic Urban Backpack is more than just an accessory. Designed for those who seek uniqueness and elegance in hectic city days and travel, this backpack stands out for its modern and sophisticated design. In addition to its captivating aesthetics and innovative design, it offers practical details that make it the ideal accessory for dynamic movements. Its stylized lines capture the essence of urban chic, guaranteeing maximum functionality for those who live a lifestyle that is always on the move, without sacrificing elegance.

The Urban backpack by Stilema from the site

The Stilema Urban backpack worn


Tote Bag Daily: The Tote Bag Daily by Stilema is a revolution in the traditional concept of bags. Created for men and women who embrace a dynamic lifestyle, this bag stands out not only for its original design and classy details, but for its extraordinary versatility. Its originality is manifested in the ability to transform from a refined tote bag to a backpack with a simple gesture, thanks to the possibility of attaching or hiding the shoulder straps (see photo). A unique fusion of style and practicality, enriched by distinctive details of fine workmanship, defines this bag as an essential accessory for those seeking a high expression of style on every occasion.

The Tote Bag Daily bag in bag mode (with the shoulder straps hidden) or in backpack mode (shoulder straps in use)

The Tote Bag Daily is perfect both as a bag and as a backpack for every day

At Stilema, we understand that every accessory is a style statement and a response to everyday needs. We are here to accompany you in finding the perfect backpack that allows you to express your distinctive style.


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